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MobiCulte, discovering Québec religious heritage

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MobiCulte: Religious sites of Quebec within your reach!
Take off on the discovery of the rich heritage of Quebec's religious sites closest to where you are. MobiCulte is simple and intuitive. Perfectly designed for your mobile device, this prototype lets you discover the religious sites of Quebec closest to your position. To simplify your research, a list ordered by proximity with respect to your position appears directly on your device. Choosing a site from this list gives you access to its detail page. There, you will immediately find information about the architecture and other patrimonial treasures of this religious site. Diverse photos of the interior and exterior will also be there to admire, all by a simple swipe of a finger. What's more, a dedicated button lets you position the site on a Google Map.

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Launched: October 3, 2012
unilingual site (French)

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