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XML Feature Catalogs for Natural Resources Canada


Over the last few years, we have worked with Centre d'information topographique de Sherbrooke (CITS) to upgrade their XML infrastructure related to geomatics. The 2013 project goal was to develop XML schemas to represent constraints and build XML transformations to create XML and HTML feature catalogs compatible with the ISO 19110 standard. A second objective was to produce a new type of catalog, called the "constraints catalog".

CITS catalogs originally were using a homemade schema. With this migration, CITS catalogs can be shared more easily with business partners since they are now compatible with international standards. The project was therefore a proof of concept to determine the feasability of the approach and to eventually be able to defend canadian vision in the future North American profile. Our XML expertise has been used to "XMLize" our client business objects and to produce transformations that allow to generate different catalog versions, either to consult them online or to support validation processes of imported documents.

Delivery: July 17, 2013
bilingual French, English system

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