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Our Team

The production team at Espace Courbe is composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds that can build and put together sites going from simple to highly complex and interactive. So here they are:

Benoit Dubuc, Ph.D.
Training: electrical engineering

Benoit is responsible for project management for Espace Courbe. While at McGill University, he specialized in computer vision research on topics such as curve complexity, visual representations and rough surfaces. He has been a member of the Canadian delegation for the International Space University in 1989, specializing in remote sensing. His interests for image processing and document manipulation lead him to start up Espace Courbe in 1996, and to specialize in the creation of interactive multimedia content for the Web. If you ever talk to him, beware, his passion for the medium is contagious!

Juan Stéphan
Training: arts

As skilled with his brushes as with the mouse, Juan is an expert in HTML layout and loves being challenged to push the limits of the medium. If you ever sit in one of his classes, you will see how passionate he is. He knows how to make you smile and gets you "addicted" to content creation.

Patrick Turmel
Training: computer science

Patrick worked in building architecture for three memorable years. During this period, in which numerization and design were merging more and more, his information processing avidity remained strong. A bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Perl, PHP, Java and especially Vim, have since become daily programming allies.

Stéphane Franic

Stéphane has a passion for computer science since he was a kid. He loves music, in particular Jimmy Hendrix and enjoys taking walks. From Paris to Montreal, with a stop in Tahiti, he is now our network administrator and actively participates in Web development and content management. He puts our Web sites online, configures software and makes sure that the network runs smoothly.

Our collaborators

Lenka Vernex
Training: graphic design

Lenka graduated in graphic design from UQAM. After working in edition for a few years, she has joined the Web Site Development training programme at Collège de Maisonneuve. In October 1999, she finished her degree and joined our team as the artistic director for many of the Web sites we produced, first as part of the staff and then as a freelancer.

Ed Huott
Training: electrical engineering

Ed specializes in network administration but also in Web applications development, content management systems and customer relationship management. While part of the staff, he participated in the development of sites in Drupal and PHP development of Web applications. Now he supports us on a regular basis for our network infrastructure.

Laurent Caprani
Training: computer science

Laurent started in document management in 1991 at Berger-Levrault AIS, the French pioneer in SGML (the precursor of XML). He is highly motivated by the problem of acquiring semi-structured content with which to feed Web sites. Latest collaborations related to ETL database projects in the food industry and XML modeling in geomatics.

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