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Université de Montréal - Dent ma région - Québec Remote & Rural Dentistry


The site named Dent ma région has for mission to promote th practice of rural and remote dentistry in Québec. The following United Nations Millennium Declaration Goal was a motivation for the project: “All people, everywhere, shall have access to a skilled, motivated and facilitated health worker within a robust health system.” The resulting bilingual Web site was built with the WordPress content management system. It presents some perennial content explaining to young dentistry professional the advantages of working in rural regions but also contains a blog section for news related to the subject. It was important that non skilled content owners be able with minimum training to manage site content: this is the main reason justifying our choice for WordPress. Site has been built around a responsive grid layout, making it suitable to be consulted either on a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile device. Graphic design for the site and the new logo of the organization have been done by Lenka Vernex. Site specifications, templates development, integration, training and configuration of the content management system have all been under our responsibility.

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Launched: April 6, 2014
multilingual site (French, English)

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