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Université de Montréal - Researchers' Expertise Directory


The Researchers' Directory at Université de Montréal serves the purpose of answering the following questions: Who does what? Who works with whom? Who works where? In this project, Espace Courbe was responsible to analyze and develop in the TYPO3 CMS the Web interfaces to query, agregate and display data related to the researchers and their expertise from Université de Montréal, but also of those belonging to the university's extended network. For the content management, a TYPO3 extension has been developed and had to be modular in order to maximize the reuse of the various view components needed for the different types of search (multifaceted form-based, lists, detail pages, paging), but also to isolate and encapsulate communications with the search engine, a technology mix with Solr, Fedora Commons and MySQL.

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Launched: February 20, 2014
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