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Université de Montréal - Annual Report for Libraries

The Université de Montréal's libraries annual report project was to take a single page Web site model, to customize it to the needs of our client and to make it more robust for visualization on mutliple platforms. A single page Web site is a site taht changes while we do vertical scrolling. The result is a model for annual reports with pizzaz that can be viewed online as a Web page. The model will be used for the libraries annual report for the next few years. The report is interactive, adapts to desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices. The center piece on the technical side is the use of parallax, media queries, advanced HTML5+CSS3 techniques and JavaScript. If we used too many big words in the previous sentence, the best is to go visit the site for the 2013-2014 annual report and enjoy the wow! factor. Our contribution in this project was mainly geared toward frontend development. Graphic design and content were under the responsability of our client.

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Launched: January 7, 2015
in French only

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