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Société des musées du Québec - Museum Routes


Museum Routes is a responsive Web site produced by the Société des musées du Québec which has as main objective to promote museums in Québec though various themes. Our work mainly consisted in defining a “format” that will allow to add more themes in the future. A new tool, called the travel booklet, provides visitors an easy way of building a list of museums that they would like to visit, print the list with a map, send a hyperlink for the booklet by email or propagate it on Facebook. Since the site is related to tourism marketing, every content page eases propagation on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The eZ Publish content management framework allows our client to be autonomous in managing his content despite the rendering sophistication. The Bertuch agency came up with the attractive artistic design for the site. Our team was in charge of building the technical specifications, setting up mockups, integrating the page templates, configuring content management, training the content owners to feed the system and developing the client interface tools for the travel booklet, the maps and the propagation on social media.

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Launched: June 15, 2014
multilingual site (French, English)

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