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À Contre-Courant Masters' - Swimming - Water-polo - Synchronized Swimming

CSSgraphic design

Ą Contre-Courant (ACC) is a masters' aquatic team in Montreal offering swimming, water-polo and synchronized swimming. They needed a Web site that would be sophisticated but that could easily be maintained by a team of volunteers who are not necessarily HTML experts. A popular CMS has been set up for that, but the schedule and the club records use Google calendering and spreadsheet services for the maintenance and delivery of the data. The most important change in the 2013 redesign is that the site can now be easily read on a mobile device or a tablet. We used an approach that adapts to the medium called responsive Web design : the layout varies depending if you access the site from a tablet, a mobile device or a desktop computer. The artistic direction was done by Jean Logan from Folio et Garetti originally and by Lenka Vernex for the 2013 redesign.

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Launched: September 20th, 2003; redesigned September 24th 2013
bilingual site (English, French)

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