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Héneault et Gosselin

We worked with Héneault et Gosselin for many years. They specialize in pile stabilization, foundation repair and house lifting. We support them since 2009 for content management. In 2013, the Flash video players on their site were not adequate anymore. We therefore installed HTML5 video players so that their clips can be viewed on iPad and iPhone devices that do not support Flash.

In 2017, we did a major redesign so that the site could be viewed on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phone. Content stayed the same, CMS stayed the same, but the grid has been completely rebuilt so that the site could be responsive. We had to adjust the content markup here and there so that the site be adequate on small screens, but these were minor changes. In the course of that redesign project, we also integrated a sitewide customer support chat/messaging widget.

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Launched: April 6, 2010; last redesign: March 18th 2017.
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