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Université de Montréal - Les albums plurilingues d'Élodil


The aim of Les albums plurilingues d’Élodil is to provide young kids and their families access to French-language children's literature, translated into several languages. The Web app is not available to the public at the moment and is used for a research project. At launch, we had 11 books translated into 22 languages with sound clips for 11 of the 22 translated languages. These are illustrated books for young kids with a few sentences per page. The kid, the teacher or the parent, can choose the language, navigate from sentence to sentence and automatically from page to page. The kid can read the sentences in his language and listen to the text in French or in his language if the sound clip for that language has been produced. To top it off, each book also has a small series of games. It's fantastic!

For those who are curious, we made a demo of the application on YouTube (in French).

Big news! Site with restricted access has been opened to Canadian viewers until August 31, 2020. (until June 30 2020)

Launched: February 12, 2019
multilingual site (22 languages)

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