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International CURA Mental Health and Citizenship


A project for a research center where members come from Quebec and Brazil essentially. The site was planned to be trilingual: French, English and Portuguese. It features news, events with archives, list and for member profiles for researchers and students, bibliographies and pages describing the various research projects grouped in three axis. To allow easy maintenance of the content, automatic relations between content elements, and promotion of content on various pages, an open source content management system has been used. Two custom content classes were created for the members and the students, thus allowing to automatically build various lists and profile pages. The already existing news and bibliographic content classes have been customized to fit the center's needs. Finally, one element that we are very proud of, is the fact that the user interface presents a gallery central to the intervention approach of the center with people living with mental health issues.

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Launched: June 1st, 2011
multilingual site (French, English, Portuguese)

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