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Mass mailing management with MailChimp

MailChimp – haute-couture or prêt-à-porter.

We support our clients for their email campaigns. MailChimp is a very popular mass mailing service due to its user friendlyness and its support for the creation of email templates. You can use it as is with its different builtin functionnalities for your clients to subscribe, update profile, unsubscribe. Its analytics reports are filled with information to evaluate the success of a campaign. It has an elaborate application programming interface that is well documented and that allows to use the services from within our web site or to put in place automations that will implement various business rules. Our only concern with the service is that it is not made for truly multilingual Web sites.

Steps to set up the service

How can we help?

  • Configuring your account, your lists, forms and confirmation emails.
  • Creation of customized responsive email templates (haute-couture) or of an existing MailChimp template (prêt-à-porter).
  • Custom development with MailChimp API.


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