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Web Content Management with TYPO3

TYPO3 – for large enterprise multilingual sites



  • well architectured
  • elaborate kernel
  • backend user interface is complex but user friendly
  • excellent for multilingual sites


  • steep learning curve for developer (6 months)
  • uses its own framework
  • not well versed for community features
  • more popular in Europe than in America

Integrations made our team

Université de Montréal Marguerite d’Youville Research Chair on Humanistic Nursing InterventionsResearch Chair in Nursing Care for Older People and their FamiliesUdeM NouvellesITHQResearch Chair in Innovative Nursing PracticesUniversité de Montréal's Kinesiology ClinicCIFIResearchers' expertise directoryÉlodilInternational CURA Mental Health and Citizenship

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