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Our Approach: Steps in Building a Web Site

Creating Web sites is our main expertise. To that end, we have developed a step-by-step approach which enables us to meet clients' expectations. And perhaps, more importantly, it allows us to do this on time and within budget. Here is a list of tasks that characterize an Espace Courbe Web project:

  • Strategic analysis including site objectives and target audience
  • Functional specifications and information architecture
  • Functional mockup or wireframe
  • Graphic design
  • Protosite with user interface
  • Production
    • collecting and organizing existing material (text images ,videos, audio clips)
    • content delivery planning
    • content management system configuration
    • document conversion
    • graphic design for content
    • layout and template creation
    • server (when developing an application) and client-side programming
    • integrate sample content (often including the home page, various landing pages and example for each content class)
    • configure transactional modules
    • search engine optimization and metadata publishing for propagation on social media
    • configuring Web analytics
  • Quality control (HTML syntax, links integrity, unit, functional and usability tests)
  • Documentation: user's guide and technical manual
  • Training for site maintenance
  • Site management and maintenance including
    • Web hosting (if needed)
    • continuous site maintenance
    • program maintenance of custom designed software

Note: copywriting and translation are usually done by the client team. We even like the client to himself input the content by himself into the CMS after everything is set up and tested and after a training session to use the various tools configured has been given. We are always available to help in case a problem occurs. The good news is that when the site is launched, our client is confident that he can change his content whenever he needs to.

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